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Make Those Private Conversations Count

The words that we say have more impact than what you might realize. The private conversations that we have with our self can be the most powerful ones that shape our destiny. Not getting this right can create huge setbacks. Changing the private conversations that you have with yourself will help you to create the ideal combination of a winning mindset, a confident posture and the disposition of a champion.

The document called The Five Classifications of Self Talk is a reference to help you in writing affirmations. What is the best type of affirmation in adopting a winning mindset? Ones that contain “I am” in them. Example: “I am comfortable with my success and I know who I am around successful people.”

The Five Classifications of Self Talk Illustrates the 5 Different Levels of Affirmations

  • Classification #1 Powerlessness is the lowest level of affirmation that much of society expresses themselves with. This is the least beneficial of all of the self talk and is our greatest enemy.

  • Classification #2 Acknowledgement and Need, works against us because it identifies a problem, but creates no solution. The subconscious mind responds to what is left unsaid because the feeling attached to it is limiting.

  • Classification #3 Bridge Building, is the first level of self talk that works for you instead of against you. It creates a bridge from classification 1 to classification 4.

  • Classification #4 Positive Affirmation, is the most effective classification of self talk. You are painting a completed picture of your ideal self with this language. This classification excites, demands and nudges you forward.

  • Classification #5 Universal Affirmation, When overwhelmed just give it a rest and let it be whatever it is. This is the attitude on your compass that is in alignment with spirituality.

Speak Words That Empower You

Empowering Words Calibrate your compass
Empowering Words PDF

Shift your focus away from words that limit the ideal outcomes that you want out of life. You can adjust your emotional state, lesson anxiety, banish fear and even prevent disease by speaking words that empower you. Re-calibrate your thoughts to success by changing the way that you speak about people and situations.