what is a consultant?

What is a Consultant?

A consultant is usually contracted to work with an individual, and often times a team, group, board, or department. The consultant is generally hired to solve a problem for the client. The consultant gathers data and reports on what needs to be done. The contractor then brings technical expertise to advise on solutions. The consultant will lend their expertise to find the best action steps in order to correct issue(s) and recommended avenues for achieving objectives. They are often regarded as the “expert” who will solve problems (the magic bullet) for the client.

Consultant -Versus- Coach

There are many differences between consultants and coaches. While there are varieties of methodologies in each genre, a life coach/consultant is elite coaching at it's best, because you get the best of both worlds in one.

The consultants that have reached a pinnacle in their career will often times have a deep passion to coach others in adopting a winning mindset. This brand of consultant will use their expertise to consult the client when advice is appropriate. These consultants are referred to as Hybrid coaches.

These elite coaching consultants often times have six sense abilities and are authentic, amazingly supportive, and enthusiastic when engaging with their clients. The elite coaching consultant is accomplished in their abilities to uncover the deeper strengths of the client and extract where growth potential lies.

Elite coaching demands that the Hybrid Coach have the ability to challenge the client in their thinking without putting them on the defensive. Elite coach/consultants are excellent listeners without an agenda. These experts in coaching can also hone in on information even when it is not said aloud and respond with a precise question to further inquiry and depth.

The client then receives the coaching help that they need in order to change old limiting patterns of the past, by reframe their perceptions in a safe space. The goal of the Hybrid Coach is to partner with the client, so they can accomplish their agenda, so they can breakthrough to the next level.


What is a Hybrid Coach?

What is a hybrid coach? Consultant and coach
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What is a Coach?

What is a coach? what can a coach do for me?

A life coach is someone professionally trained to help you maximize your full potential and reach your desired results.

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