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Finding and attracting great employees

As an employer, you do not want mediocre employees, finding and retaining great employees can be a challenge. You want the best talent performing at the highest level in all areas of your organization. The job market is strong and finding and retaining talented employees is a priority for most companies today. It is important to treat hiring as a year-round process critical to a successful business.

One of the first steps for attracting and hiring great employees is to focus on your company's brand and make it and employer of choice. Ensure your brand reflects your business practices, benefits, and reputation in the marketplace.

Hiring is a key business practice and should be taken seriously in order to reap the benefits. It takes time, effort, and money to create and maintain a top-notch employee hiring process. Once you have created an ideal hiring process that adequately defines the experience, skills, and performance your company desires; then you can begin to search for ideal employee candidates that will become a valuable asset to your company. Finding employees is easy, it's finding complimentary employees for your business that is crucial.

Even small businesses should offer employee incentives. Pay sign-on bonuses. A signing bonus can be the decision maker, and it shows you value and want a potential new hire on board as part of your team. Create a total rewards strategy. Employees are always looking for more than a paycheck and it is necessary to find cost-effective ways to differentiate your business from the others.

Here are some low-cost incentives that have a high-impact effect:
  • Paid time off (or increase)
  • Investment in the company
  • Training and development support (i.e. tuition assistance)
  • Health and wellness benefits
  • Offer a pay for performance workplace
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Add comforts such as snacks, recreational facilities, free meals, etc.
  • Give community activity tickets and gift certificates
  • Offer weekend deals that encourage family-time

Make sure your offered salaries are comparable and competitive in the market. Conduct a compensation study for market data. Your salaries, even for newly created positions, should be at market while also ensuring equity for existing employees.

It is imperative that you develop an effective strategy for hiring good skilled employees, and also for employee retention. Executing an excellent hiring strategy emits leaders who understand the value this process has for a business. You want the end result to consist of a competitive advantage, because finding and retaining one or two key people can have a significant impact on your company's longevity and profitability.

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