Develop Valuable Critical Thinking Skills

Have you ever said to yourself that your emotions rule your decisions? Have you ever regretted making decisions because you didn't have all of the facts before acting? Coaching clients on how to make better business and personal decisions is one of the areas of life coaching that I love. You too can be much happier, if you develop critical thinking skills.

How to make better decisions, develop critical thinking skills

What is Critical Thinking?

Critical thinking is not thinking harder or being critical of others. Being able to critically observe ideas before acting on an intuition will allow you to consider all of your options. In short, critical thinking is self-directed, self-disciplined, self-monitoring, and self-corrective thinking. It allows you to undergo a series of thoughts and mindful commands to solve problems and make commitments that aren't solely based on emotions.

Getting coaching help in this area will help you to adopt a this mindset and will prove to be beneficial down the road in playing a huge roll in your success.

6 Steps in Becoming a Better Decision Maker

1. Question Your Belief

Ask yourself these questions when making a decision. How do I know that the information is accurate? What possible bias could there be? Where did the belief that you currently have come from? Has that belief caused problems in the past and is it a recurring issue? What if those assumptions or beliefs are wrong? What impact would that have on future decisions based on the belief?

2. Consider the source

Don't necessarily take at face value what a person is saying. Ask yourself if there is another way to interpret the information? Questioning authority is good to a certain point, however we have to be able to trust information from credible sources. Question the source, then use your gut to determine if it is useful or not. The ideal situation is not taking it to extremes.

3. Investigate

Finding the answer is quintessential in critical thinking. Investigating with your gut feeling is a great strategy in being a good leader.

4. Ask Questions

Getting a better understanding of others will help you to consider what their biases could be. Using fine-tuned empathy skills will give you a better feel for what their possible motivations and aspirations are.

5. Know all of your options

Consider an alternative to what your gut might be telling you to do. Ask yourself these questions. What are the possibilities of success if you took another path? Would it still get you to where you want to go?

6. Persevere

Do your best in critically looking at your options, choose the best one using your gut and then act. It may not be the best route to take. If it isn't, re-access and try again.

Coaching Help -Final Thoughts

Developing the habit of using critical thinking skills along with listening to your “gut” is the best- case scenario. For some, getting in the habit of using critical thinking skills will be a challenge at first, but keep trying. It only takes 21 days to form a new habit, and these coaching exercises will help with creating this new habit.

Using good critical thinking skills, will help you make better decisions in all areas of your life. These are areas of life coaching that are very teachable for those that don't naturally possess them.