7 tips to Put the Passion Trust and Love Back into Your Relationship

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We all know that anything in life that is worthwhile takes effort, and that also includes our relationship with our partner. Having a long-lasting relationship is certainly worth the effort in putting in the work. Your relationship life coach, has 7 tips to Improve the health and longevity of your relationship that are enjoyable as well as effective.

1. Cook Together

Set aside one day a week to put a meal together. Relationship life coaches often counsel that cooking together is a great and easy low-stakes way for couples to learn together, work together, and improve communication. Let's face it, there are more distractions today than ever before.

With the demands of busy work schedules, and the instant now culture that we live in, finding quality time with your partner can easily take a back seat. Since you need to eat anyway, why not work together to make that meal?

2. Do Something Fun that Your Partner Really Enjoys

Relationship life coaches often talk about the reward of the act of giving of yourself. While it can sometimes be difficult to find activities that you both enjoy, don't let that stop you from spending quality time together. Have the mindset that for this activity, there won't be any compromise involved. You are doing something that your partner thoroughly enjoys. Happiness is often times the outcome, when you are selfless in giving. Plus, you might even find that you enjoy a new hobby or activity.

3. Listen to Understand Your Partner

This is often times referred to as active listening. Relationships life coaches often hear the complaint from their clients that their partner “doesn't listen to me.” Coaches have seen remarkable transformations occur, when each partner engages in this style of communication with the intent of understanding. Active listening is fundamental to understanding your partner's needs and experiences while also helping you grow closer as a couple. Try active listening, instead of listening for the purpose of replying to them and enjoy the dividends.

4. Put Down Your Mobile Device

There was a recent study that concluded that most people are never more than 10 feet away from their mobile device. Another study also shows that cell phone use negatively affects relationships and limiting couples' communication skills. With the fast-paced world that we live in, finding quality time to spend together is rare, don't sabotage that valuable time by staring at your phone. Relationship life coaches recommend setting ground rules, such as cellphone and Internet free times and zones in the home.

5. Learn Something New Together

Choose a topic that both of you have an interest in and learn more about it. If you both like to read, get a book on the topic. Reading a book together doesn't necessarily mean that you sit and read to each other out loud-although that might be fun. Simply reading the same book or even just reading different books at the same time has been shown to improve relationships according to relationship life coaches. Research indicates that couples grow closer by exploring and sharing new ideas, so it's important that you take the time to discuss what you are reading. If reading isn't your thing, try finding other mind-stimulating experiences you can share together, such as listening to and then discussing the same podcast.

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6. Fight Fairly, Don't Drudge up Unrelated Issues

There is a misconception that happy couples don't have disagreements. Having conflicts in a relationship is a natural and vital part of them. Without them resentments can simmer, even about seemingly inconsequential things and emotional blockages can form. The key, according to many relationship life coaches, is to make sure that you “fight fair.”

Remain calm, be specific about what is bothering you, without bringing up unrelated issues of the past, avoid accusations, and take responsibility for your part.

7. Schedule Time Together

Relationship life coaches often agree that planning a regular date night will keep the fire simmering. Research indicates that it's important to plan regular formal dates and shared experiences. The novelty factor of planned date nights helps improve couples' communication and sense of attachment. While it may be difficult to schedule a weekly date night, make an effort to still plan, at the very least, a monthly date where you spend time together outside of the home even if it's making a meal together.