What is goal setting?

It is very difficult to live in today’s world without knowing about the concept of goal setting. From early childhood you’ve heard about it. Maybe as a child a parent imposed a goal of finishing your beets before leaving the dinner table. Later you heard about goal setting in the classroom. The talk of having goals has become very common in the pop culture, so much so, that the definition of goal setting has become misinterpreted by many.


Goal setting is not a standalone wish or a dream. It isn’t something that can be achieved without making significant changes to your current course of life. Goal setting also isn’t something that you do that automatically yields successful outcomes.

For some, the word “goal” is a naughty 4 letter word, because they have been unsuccessful in achieving them. Goal setting involves more than wishing or dreaming that you could achieve success in particular areas of life. Effective goal setting requires that you first declare your intentions on paper and then create an action plan to get them. How do goals relate to your dreams and ambitions? Goals become the motivating drivers when the action taking of going after your dream has roadblocks in it.

In summary, goal setting is the actual road map or plan to achieve your dreams and ambitions. Properly set goals, are laser specific and incremental. Setting incremental goals will give you a measurement of your progress in achieving a big audacious goal.

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