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Utilizing a text service for your business is a powerful and effective communication tool that savvy online marketers have adopted. This marketing approach is so powerful that it crushes the other marketing channel email marketing by 345% in open rates. Another recent study concluded that 98% of texts are opened compared to just 22% of emails.

As a business consultant I hear many different ways in which organizations are finding creative ways to harness the power of text blasting to engage their customers, subscribers and members. Recently, eWeek reported that 80% of mobile device user’s text for business.


1. TEXT TO WIN  Your customers text 2 words and automatically get entered into a random drawing. You choose prized, winner and non-winner messages.
2. TEXT TO JOIN  Your subscribers can join your group and become part of the online community.
3. TEXT TO DONATE  Streamline your fundraising efforts. Create our own custom link to share a donation page directly to subscribers.
4. STAFF OR MEMBER ANNOUNCEMENTS Communicate more efficiently with that very important internal customer. Keep your team informed instantly about important events, invites, and alerts.
5. TEXT TO SURVEY Communicate with your customers to find out what they want the most and how you can keep them as a valued customer.
6. TEXT TO SAVE  Reward your customers with discounts for loyalty. They can choose to opt-in to receive special VIP offers directly to their phone.
7. BIRTHDAY AND ANNIVERSARY CLUB  Automatically send offers to your subscribers to celebrate when they joined. Send them a gift for their birthday or anniversary.
8. EMERGENCY ALERTS  Instantly notify your audience in the case of emergencies or time sensitive information.
9. LINK TO SOCIAL MEDIA  Grow all of your social media channels by sending incentive texts to your audience for engagement.
text services - text message marketing
10. PROMO CODES  Depending on which study you believe, and what industry you’re in, acquiring a new customer is anywhere from five to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one. Reward your customers with promo codes, increase your business and track sales online or in your location.
11. STREAMLINE YOUR SALES PROCESS  Consolidate marketing and sales channels. Streamline your sales process by promoting your online ordering, delivery reservation system and other 3rd party providers. Send direct short codes trackable links.
12. BUILD CUSTOMER REVIEWS  Send your customers promotional offers or incentives to rave about your brand.
13. EVENT REMINDERS  Send your audience invitations to events. Schedule reminders to keep them excited and promoting your event. Incentivize them to bring a friend or to share on social media.
14. LEAD GENERATION  Grow your prospect list quickly and easily. Reward your audience for quick action- taking at conferences, trade shows and other venue types to opt-in.
15. RECRUIT BY TEXT TO APPLY  Have your organization stand out in today's competitive business environment. Send a link to job applications for hiring.


It is critical that today’s business owner, be nimble and able to pivot with strategic innovation to stay in front of the curve. Now more than ever before you need to create a business map that will become your compass in guiding you to success. Acquire more profitable clients that you love to work with while increasing revenues. Discover how a text service (text message marketing) can help you to accelerate your growth.

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