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A spiritual life coach is someone that helps you to live a purpose driven happy life by helping you to align your ambitions and dreams at a much deeper level. Defining your spirituality, will enable you to stay on course when the storms of life crop up out of nowhere. A spiritual coach is not necessarily someone that is a religious leader. You don’t have to be religious to partner with a spiritual life coach. Spiritual coaching is about uncovering your spirituality with your values and beliefs and aligning them with your life’s passions and ambitions.

Great spiritual coaches walk the talk so to speak. These professional coaches are well defined belief systems and live by those principles. They are often time referred to as miracle workers because of the tremendous results that they get working with their clients. You too will get a much better understanding of yourself and the world around you from a spiritual perspective that will led to a much more meaningful life. You may discover that you have a profound purpose and that all the events in your life have led you to your true purpose. Your spirituality coach will help you to uncover your life purpose and help you to eliminate the road blocks that have you stuck in disharmony.


Experiencing life events such as divorce, the loss of loved ones, or even the loss of a job can create emotional blockages. Living in this state of disharmony can leave you feeling depressed and without a purpose in life. Seeking advice from unqualified friends and family can open you up to receiving biased input that can further impede happiness and fulfillment. Spirituality coaches work with clients in a safe, secure environment allowing you to reveal what you are feeling deep down and an action plan to eliminate emotional blockages. Your spirituality coach has no bias or judgement about your current stage of life maturity. They are there to listen to you, be your teacher and help you grow in your spirituality.


Spiritual life coaches respect that you have your own spiritual beliefs. If you really don’t have any idea of your spirituality, you might start by writing out what is important to you in life. For example, if your values align with Christian teachings you may want to seek out a Christian based spiritual life coach.

On the other hand, if you are uncertain about your core values working with a spiritual life coach will help you to get a clear view of which course to take in your spiritual development.
Are you a person that struggles with finding purpose in your life? Spiritual coaching could be the perfect way to live a happy purpose driven life.

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I have been told by my peers and clients that I am more of a Coaching Consultant. I use my God given six sense abilities and professional expertise to help my clients uncover their deeper strengths and extract growth potential. I do my best to be authentic, supportive and enthusiastic when engaging with my clients. Using my elite spiritual coaching strategies, I will challenge your thinking without putting you on the defensive. I have also been told that I am an excellent active listener without having an agenda.

My spiritual coaching process takes specific professional concerns, personal goals and analyzes where you are in your situation. I will lend my expertise to find the best action steps in order to correct issue(s) and recommend avenues for achieving objectives. Let’s set-up a free session to see if we are a match.