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Do what I love

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DO WHAT YOU LOVE Do What I Love Personal Life Coach Will Help You to Uncover Your Passion & Support in Pursuing It Receiving coaching help from a personal life coach can enable you to uncover your natural talents and abilities so you can do what you [...]

Online Coaching

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ONLINE COACHING You might assume that coaching sessions have to be done physically in the same location. The information age has broken down geographical barriers that once limited our choices. My clients love that we do our sessions via the computer or over the phone. Online coaching [...]

Life Coach, what do they do?

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Life Coach, What do They Do? A life coach is someone professionally trained to help you maximize your full potential and reach your desired results. Your coach will encourage and counsel on a range of professional and personal issues. Life Coaching Process Your professional life coach will ask [...]

The 8 Areas of Life Coaching

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THE 8 AREAS OF LIFE COACHING Overcome and Thrive with a Life Coaching Experience Life coaches often specialize in a particular area of expertise which draws on their background and specific skill-set. A Hybrid life coach has the knowledge and skillset of a consultant and coach all in [...]

What is a Life Coach?

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WHAT IS A LIFE COACH? Coaching is Essential in Today's Fast Paced World - Eric Miller CBPRC,NLP, Can Help When I was racing a full schedule as a competitive cyclist I relied on a coach for their experience, enthusiastic support, objective, perspective and insight. As a certified coach [...]

What is a Consultant?

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WHAT IS A CONSULTANT? What is a Consultant? A consultant is usually contracted to work with an individual, and often times a team, group, board, or department. The consultant is generally hired to solve a problem for the client. The consultant gathers data and reports [...]

What is a Hybrid Coach?

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Consultant and Coach  I am often asked what I do for a living. It becomes complicated because I am a combination of a Consultant and Coach. So, what do I call myself? I have fashioned myself to be a Hybrid Coach. When we think of the word hybrid [...]

Achieve Your Goals

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DISCOVER YOUR DEEPER STRENGTHS ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS If you asked 10 people what achieving their goals meant to them, you would get 10 different answers on how they perceived success. Why is that? Everyone has different perceptions of the world, therefore the definition of achieving goals is [...]

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