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How to Make Better Decisions

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HOW TO MAKE BETTER DECISIONS COACHING HELP Develop Valuable Critical Thinking Skills Have you ever said to yourself that your emotions rule your decisions? Have you ever regretted making decisions because you didn't have all of the facts before acting? Coaching clients on how to make better business and personal decisions is one [...]

What are PSYCH-K affirmations?

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WHAT ARE PSYCH-K AFFIRMATIONS? Speak a New Reality Affirmation statements are a key component of the PSYCH-K methodology. Developed by psychotherapist Robert M. Williams in the late 1980s, PSYCH-K stands for Psychological Kinesiology. These two modalities - psychology and kinesiology is a comprehensive method for changing a person's beliefs [...]

How to Be Happy

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 HOW TO BE HAPPY Five Action Steps that You Can Take Now! Life therapists and behavioral psychologists have been researching how to be happy for a very long time. It seems logical that happiness can predict health and longevity. But happiness isn’t something that just happens to you. Everyone has the power [...]

Empathy will help you win

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EMPATHY WILL HELP YOU WIN Understand the Desires of Others Many successful people have in common the attribute of being empathetic. In part, what makes them successful is that they have a clear understanding of the desires, motivations and concerns of the people that they choose to have in their inner circle. [...]

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