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In this new business economy, the pace of change has accelerated to the point where a business plan is no longer enough to plan the future of your small business. Disruptive technologies can come along and put you out of business overnight. How do you position your business in this hyper-competitive environment? You create a Business Map.

Our business coaches and consultants, strategically align both business objectives and personal goals, so they are in sync with one another. Our elite coaches and consultants have a six- sense abilities and are authentic, amazingly supportive, and enthusiastic when engaging with you.

The Owner’s Compass Business Map

5. Build the Business Compass Case

Build a business case for your marketplace. Research your current products and customers and possible new areas for growth.

6. Ideal Channels of Opportunity

Choose which of your current customers are the most ideal. Establish the most effective marketing channels. Create a marketing strategy to target ideal customers.

7. Mix of Business

Analyze current product mix. Add possible new products and services. Develop strategy for the ideal mix of products moving forward.

8. Clear Business Direction

Optimized goal setting & business mapping with a calibrated compass. Develop the best strategy to move your business forward with a concise implementation plan to attain your bigger vision.

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