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How It Works

How the Biocommunications Perception Reframing System Works

Perception has a powerful impact on your entire life, including overall health and wellness. Perception shapes the way you think and creates your outlook on life. Emotions are closely tied to perceptions. Over time there could be deep rooted emotional roadblocks keeping you stuck in a pattern of physical disharmony. Unresolved emotional roadblocks often contribute to physical symptoms and may cause people to repeat unproductive behaviors.

When you speak of a specific topic (person, event, ability, etc.) your voice will carry the perception you hold about the topic.

One of the fastest ways to blast through roadblocks and change old patterns in the way that we see events, circumstances, other people, and ourselves is through perception reframing. Perception reframing uses the energy of the voice to map perception and track progressive changes. It’s effective because you engage every aspect of your being, including your memories and beliefs.

Perceptions Reframing Session

During the scan , the hand cradle measures your body’s galvanic skin response (GSR). The data gathered by the hand cradle is evaluated by the software in the context of various digital signatures.

Digital signatures can be organized into sequences for scanning. You can think of the scans as questionnaires to which your body’s GSR data provides the answers.

These scans are designed by some of the best and brightest professionals in the world for the purpose of providing the most pertinent information about your wellness.

Perceptions Reframing PDF

Restoring to Wholeness

Biocommunications Survey

In conjunction with the GSR cradle, the biocommunications software  uses your voice as the indicator of perception. During a session, the computer will record and track subtle energetic qualities in your voice.

At the completion of a scan, the software’s analysis is documented in the form of a report. Information gathered in this way can help make better decisions for your health and well being.

The Process

  • The biocommunications software records a 10 second slice of your voice and displays it on the computer as a perception index.

  • The perception index shows the energy pattern of your voice. The pattern includes energy, or information that is present and information that is missing. The perception index is divided into 12 zones, allowing you to identify and consider potential blockages.

  • Using the measurement of Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) to certain virtual items called biosurvey, the  software scans information options and selects those you respond most favorably to; the information your body “likes.”

  • The biocommunications software then sends that information to your body’s energetic field while you think about the topic, event, or person of which you are speaking.

  • The process of reading the voice and then receiving information is repeated several times throughout the perceptions reframing session. As missing information is incorporated, the voice pattern will eventually change. These changes will be recognized by the software and then revealed in the Perception Index. A significant change in the pattern, or “shift” is an indication that the perception if the topic has been reframed.

  • Perception Reframing leads to new ways of seeing things, more options for dealing with life, and new, improved realities. You then have infinite choices in your perceptions.


Perception Index Zones

Perception Zone PDF

Unlock Full Potential

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