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Publications by Eric J. Miller

The Owner's Compass- publication by Eric J. Miller
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Becoming an Entrepreneurial Leader

In his book The Owner’s Compass, #1 best selling author Eric J. Miller illustrates how easy it can be to become an off-course entrepreneur. When this happens there has to be a mindset shift in order to achieve a bigger vision. He has a case study of two entrepreneurs that he illustrates in the book. One calibrates his compass the other does not.

Take a ride with Ricky and Josh. These two entrepreneurs are both men of grit and resilience. They had similar backgrounds growing up. They’re both avid cyclists and fantastic athletes. Ricky and Josh are passionate about creating a legacy for themselves and not for someone else. Both men would be considered serial entrepreneurs in being big picture thinkers that seize opportunities.

They each were experiencing growing pains in their businesses. They both were having issues in effectively managing staff. One of them decided to unravel his past perceptions which helped him to discover what the unproductive behaviors were that sabotaged his happiness.

He later went on to achieve a much higher level of personal and business success. The other athlete/entrepreneur stayed on the same path and didn’t change his mindset, therefore continued to get the same unsatisfying outcomes of the past. Which entrepreneur shifted his mindset creating a much more fulfilling life? You’ll have to buy the book to find out.

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